Chelsea Ford is a women's advocate, COACH, entrepreneur AND trusted advisor to her clients.

Chelsea works with a broad range of customers.

Chelsea has extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development gained over 20 years with numerous corporate heavyweights (think Sara Lee, Nestle, Kellogg, Dyson and WINC (formerly Staples) and now Chelsea focuses on combining her entrepreneurial experience with her big-business acumen to enterprises with a drive and passion to succeed.

A skilled facilitator, Chelsea has a unique blend of highly tuned business acumen and a deep understanding of human potential gained, in part, from living in multiple international meditation retreats. Chelsea combines these two disciplines in order to positively affect the running of her client's businesses.

Chelsea's credentials include a Master of Applied Social Science (Management), a Dip. Marketing Management, a Bachelor of Arts and a Food & Beverage Certificate.

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Here are some of the things Chelsea's clients and contacts have to say about her knowledge, skills and approach: 

Thanks for your time this morning. I had the best day I've had in awhile. So glad to have found you to help both my head and my business!

Rachelle Matousek, Managing Director, Opportune

You are an incredible thought leader and nurturer. 

Jessie Alice, Leftover Lovers

Chelsea's counsel has been such a force of good in my business life. After just a few sessions I came to see our sessions as vital to my ongoing success. The thing I love most about my sessions with Chelsea - she really LISTENS. She then guides my many thoughts and plans into definable strategic goals and plans. I always leave my sessions with Chelsea feeling invigorated and with the right tools to face challenges and approach new opportunities.

As a direct result of Chelsea's guidance I have managed my way through difficult client and supplier negotiations and set in place clear strategic goals that have allowed my business to operate within its existing budget constraints, while at the same time increasing my business development opportunities.

Anna Minns, General Manager, TerraCycle

As a small business owner with big dreams I know the importance of team work and synergy. Through Chelsea Ford’s Facilitation workshops Fresh Fit Meals was able to develop systems to improve our communication, marketing and business efficiencies while ensuring all business shareholders were able to voice their ideas.

Samuel Seaton, Director, Fresh Fit Meals


Chelsea always had a creative angle on a business issue or opportunity. Chelsea is a passionate person, full of energy and new ideas. She balances working hard with also having fun and living her dreams.

Jane Wyatt, Marketing Director, Danone

This is the beauty of you Chelsea. You are relatable, genuine and passionate about what you do. You’re accessible in a respectfully distant way (ideal for mentoring and coaching), you’re compassionate and thoughtful… and fun!

Thank you for all that you are.

Robbie Garvey, Founder, Red Lime Jones

I engaged Chelsea to assist me with clarity and direction in my business and answer some of the 'how' questions. She helped me systemise my business.

Chelsea encouraged me to spend time planning, writing and understanding my customer and their needs. I learnt so many things from her but most importantly she has given me the tools to achieve my goals. I now feel confident that if I commit to doing the research and planning that goes on at the back end of every business, my success will grow.

I will definitely use Chelsea again.

Yvonne Baldan, Founder, Sutherland Shire Cooking School

Chelsea is a highly motivating and impeccably professional business coach. Her attention to detail and her ability to inspire growth have benefited me, my business partner and our business's growth perfectly.

Sue Lansdown, Owner, Peachface Skincare

I took your advice and went in with my 'non negotiables' and kept a cool calm head. I articulated all my areas of concern and came at it from the angle of wanting to reach a mutual agreement on all areas. As a result I had all my points agreed to and even got them to agree to pay me for the time I've spent creating the work that will now no longer be used. Money I didn't think I will see! They even thanked me in the end for my professionalism and good will!

Thank you so much for your time. You gave me a real strategy to go in with so I felt confident and no longer overwhelmed.

Kathryn Simons, Founder, Body Kinect

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